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Randy Guynn's AMX

Bob M's beauty in Oregon

Gerry's AMC

Al Gaines in Oregon.

AMX in Norway submitted by Rune

Has anybody ever seen a faster taxi? This one is located in Norway.

Walt's AMX in California

Ray's Javelin in Montana.

Maskin Kanners Hornet

Don and Rachels 1971 Javelin in Ontario.

Dave Bassa's project in Florida.


Gremiln in Norway submitted by Rune

Brian Pekarscik's Car

David W. De Labio's Project.

Ann's Car


Levens Lovato's Car

BC Car runs on alchol enderlie injection

Mike's AMX

Rod Brundage's AMX

Rod Brundage's 1972 Javelin SST.

      o 360 V8, bored 0.030" over 

   o 727 TorqueCommand automatic transmission 

   o Edelbrock Performer Package (cam, carb, intake, lifters)

   o Vinyl "T" roof 

   o Rally gauges 

   o 71,000 miles 

Michael R. Deubel "The Doctor" has owned this car since it was new.

 Joe Robert's Project

Steve Singer's Autocross AMX

Mike's Rogue


Here are some links to more AMC photo albums:

Rambler Dan's Home Page

James' AMC Site

Daniel G Ritzinger

Link submitted by Ray Mick

More comming soon!

and if you have any AMX pictures and want them on this page send them to me,  by clicking here